T-shirt Spotlight


T-shirt Design: News, Reviews and  Interviews.

We wanted to create a “shirt news” website with T-shirt design reviews. One where shoppers, established retailers, designers and shopkeepers would all benefit. Providing a fair T-shirt design review site instead of ones where shopkeepers vote for their own designs over and over to top the charts.

No more having to worry about a retailer’s quality when purchasing a shirt since we check them out before hand. If a tee, design or shop is listed here that means we already approved it. We either: ordered the tee ourselves, received samples or know of someone that ordered from that retailer. Not to mention the research and testimonials. Just keep in mind that “digital print quality” is not as good as screen print. So if we post a digital design, then it must be a super worthy design regardless of print method.

The designs we feature promote art and phrases that strike a chord with that genre’s audience. The interviews give the T-shirt designers a chance to inspire people and let the audience see inside their heads.